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    2016 Champs Trade Show Award Winners

    Congratulations to the 2016 Champs Glass Games Winners:1st Place: Chris Hurley2nd Place: Josh Mcdaniel3rd Place: Emily Marie4th Place: Harley Morales5th...

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    Champs Trade Show

    Just following the AGE show is the Champs Trade Show. On Feb 2- Feb 4, 2016 at the Las...

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    AGE Annual “Best Collab” of the Year – Joe Peters & ELBO

    Joe Peters and ELBO took home The American Glass Expo’s Best Collab of the Year with “Only Kings smoke Kliens”...

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    AGE Territory Artist Winners – ELBO, SNIC, Banjo, Eusheen

    Atlantic Territory      Glass Artist Winner is ELBO From Philadelphia he started blowing glass in 2005 at the Tyler School...

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    2015 American Glass Expo Winners

    The annual AGE award winners were announced at Vanity nightclub at the Hard Rock. Congratulations to the below 2016...

  • Last Day of The American Glass Expo

    American Glass Expo Las Vegas 2016 Trade Show ~ Day 3 Saying goodbye to our friends and excited to get...

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    2015 American Glass Expo Nominations

    And the Nominations Go To…..                          ...

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    American Glass Expo in Vegas! Day 2

    American Glass Expo Las Vegas 2016 Trade Show ~ Day 2 The first day was amazing cant wait to see...

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    American Glass Expo in Vegas! Day 1

    American Glass Expo Las Vegas 2016 Trade Show ~ Day 1 We are at the trade show again this year...

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    We Can’t Wait for The American Glass Expo in Las Vegas!

    The AGE / American Glass Expo trade show this year is in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hard Rock, Jan...